Living as a Vegan – cosmetics and Gifts

Living as a Vegan and adopting this kind of lifestyle has become a little easier in the last few years as the food industry, fashion industry and cosmetic industry have seemed on come on board. Moreover the increase in  being environmentally aware of green issues has also helped in the plight to become a vegan.

In the past when you considered what a began is you platform would have isolated your answer to the dos and don’ts of a vegan diet. In particular if could be difficult to know how to buy things like vegan cosmetics.  In essence the vegan diet includes anything that can be grown like fruits and vegetables, beans, grains, pulses, nuts and seeds.  If you decide to change over to a vegan diet you will be amazed to find that much of what you are already eating is fully vegan. From you packet of crisps mid morning to your fruit salad after tea. It is also becoming easier to  source vegan foods in the supermarket with a much greater variety of items available.

More than diet for Living as a Vegan

However living as a vegan is more that choosing the right foods, it’s about selecting cruelty free items such as vegan candles and vegan gifts. Vegans will also avoid any items where animals have been used to make them. Including if the product is made of the animal skin or part of the animal or if any animals have been tested in the process of making the product. Hence this can include the clothes we wear, our shoes, toiletries, cosmetics and even the household cleaners we use.

Lets start with our clothes. Do we really need those leather shoes? After all there are plenty of manmade fabrics that are waterproof and do just as good a job. Then look at the cosmetics industry and you will see a move towards using products that are not tested on animals. Big cosmetic giants in the industry now buy into cruelty free cosmetics and there is even a logo which they display to show that no animals have been tested on in the making of the product.

We can go a little further here though and consider vegan gifts and household items such as vegan candles. The market place for these items is also becoming more prominent and you can get unusual products which are vegan friendly delivered right to your door.